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Saad El Aguizy & Co. is the Parent Company of the Group. Established in 1948 and commenced activities in October 25, 1955. The Company was a partnership company registered as importers, exporters, commercial agents and project promoters and coordinators. The are presently nineteen employees and 9 senior consultants and advisors.

Activities & References

1948 - 1955

  • Participation in the establishment of the "Africa and Middle East Trade Corporation".
  • Dealers in importing agricultural tractors from France's "Renault".
  • Dealing in export and import on a commission basis of the following commodities: sugar, cotton, rice. . . etc.
  • Initiating first direct commercial deals with Eastern European Countries and executed the first direct cotton transaction with China in 1952/53.
  • Member of the first commercial delegation to the far East in 1952 after world war II.
  • Dealing with V/O Technopromexport for different Soviet Equipment.

1955 - 1961

Agent of V/O Avtoexport, V/O Tractoroexport, V/O Stankoimport and V/O Technopromimport, V/O Machinoexport, V/O Sudoimport (Soviet Foreign Trade Organizations) for the importation, distribution of tractors, road building equipment, diesel engines and diesel generating sets achieving L.E. 16 million annual gross sales.

Dealing - on commission basis - for export and import of miscellaneous items (e.g. cotton, petroleum, petroleum products, rice, sugar, fertilizers, vegetable oils,...etc.).

Shipping broker for chartered operation, sale and purchase of oil tankers under the name of Agency Maritime International Aguizy & Co. (Chartered for transport of 9 million tons of oil yearly).

1962 - 1966

In 1961 - following the Egyptian Government's foreign trade nationalization policy, the Company's activities were sold to El Nasr Export & Import Co. (a government trading company).

Mr. Saad El Aguizy became Vice-President and Director General of El Nasr Export & Import Co., with full responsibility for all dealing in equipment with suppliers from the Soviet Foreign Trade Organizations including the supplies for the High Dam hydro power station.

In 1966, Mr. Saad El-Aguizy resigned to start again in the Private Sector activity in the Engineering fields and consultations.

1967 - 1975

In accordance with applicable foreign trade laws and regulations in force in Egypt before 1975, relationships were established with well- known foreign firms, companies and organizations as advisor, technical representatives, consultants..etc.

Technical Consultants and Marketing Agents for license, patents and know- how on behalf of V/O " Licensintorg", Moscow - USSR Offering Soviet Patents, Licenses and know-how in all field of industry and manufacture in Egypt.

Arranging Agreements- on commercial basis-for rendering engineering services and other lines of industrial production in Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Marketing Agents and after-sales technical services for:

  • V/O Energomachexport
  • V/O Chimmashexport, V/O Sovelectro, V/O Machinoexport
  • V/O Selkhozpromexport and VVO Technoexport

Cooperation with South Korea

1972, Saad El Aguizy & Co. initiated trade between South Korea and Egypt (Korea Trade Promotion Corporation ( KOTRA) - while trade relations were very poor then - which led to the following:

  • Cooperation with Far-East Filter Company: Manufacturers of cigarette filters, general traders belonging to an Industrial Complex which embraces several Asbestos / Cement Companies and deals also in the export of plywood, textiles, tableware,.... etc.
  • Initiated and structured special operations transactions acting as broker for export of raw cotton and rice to South Korea.

1976 - 1991

Agents, distributors, Technical service and Training:

  • Soviet Foreign Trade Organizations: V/O Energomachexport, V/O Chimmashexport, V/O Sovelectro, V/O Machinoexport, VO Selkhozpromexport and V/O Technoexport.
  • International Suppliers of Tobacco from: Deltafina (Italy) Itofina (Switzerland) Insutrad ( United States of America) Deccan (India)
  • Swimming Pool Equipment: Certikin Ltd. (United Kingdom)
  • Massey Ferguson (MF) For Tractors and Farm Machinery. (terminated in 1997 due to the sale of MF Co.)

From 1992 (Former Soviet Union)

Due to the economic changes taking place in the Ex-USSR Republics including the Russian Federation, the Company's commercial relations were temporarily interrupted because of the termination of the Soviet / Egyptian clearing accounts and accordingly the Soviet supply contracts of equipment and spare parts for the Soviet projects in Egypt which were previously established were frozen.

Acting as Agents of the following firms: Energomachexport, Chimmachexport, Stankoimport, Mashpriborintorg, Selkhozpromexport, Technostroyexport, Atomenergoexport.

Our Company continued and fulfilled the frozen supply contracts using the Counter-trade mechanism.

The Russian Federation

Business references & cooperation with Tractorexport, Stankoimport, Itera, Chimmashexport, Energomachexport.


Business references & cooperation with FTF kraz, Ukrspetsexport, Ukroboronservice, E.O. Paton, Lucent technologies Ukraine, Standard Clearing Dom, Yuzhelectromash, Ukrenergochermet.

Special Trade Operations: Barter - counter purchase-compensation (import & export) with the Russian federation and Ukraine's trade organizations and manufacturers - counter trade - offset - trade finance - tailor-made counter trade schemes - linking export and import transactions - buy back - processing agreements - clearing and open accounts - special trade agreements - blocked foreign currency conversion - debt swap conversion - use of non-convertible currency within bilateral agreements - triangular deals (switch - compensation with hard & soft currency).

Saad El Aguizy & Co. is registered as a Counter trade & Offset service provider, also as a Financial Leasing packager.

Our group's expertise:

  • Export, Import and Counter trading
  • Marketing of heavy machinery, after sales service, repair & maintenance.
  • Technical consultants for Military & Security equipment.
  • Swimming pools consultation, design, construction, installation & servicing of equipment.
  • Tourist mountain resorts development on the Red Sea coast (Design, construction & management)


Creating a new indigenous industry or expanding and improving an existing one, creating commercially viable and profitable projects, providing and increasing job opportunities for the indigenous population, transferring advanced technology to the country with the necessary training and technical support, increasing the number of foreign trade partnerships and enhancing existing ones, improving the quality of life for the population and raising it's income level & achieving a foreign trade balance for the country.


Our objective is the use of Trade Finance, C.T.O., debt settlement involving project concession (B.O...), financial leasing, linking the imports of commodities and projects with the export of goods and / or services and / or tourism and / or projects and / or transfer of technology.

Meet Our Team

Chairman and Founder

(1922-2010), Chairman, Chief executive officer till 2010, and founder of the group, Agronomist, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Egypt, member of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, the German Arab Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, The British Egyptian Business Association in Cairo, The Club d'Affaires Franco Egyptien (C.A.F.E.), the American Chamber in Moscow, the American Chamber in Kiev, Former member of the Board of the Export Development Company.

Mr. Gamal El Aguizy
Actual Chairman and CEO

Born in 1952, Actual Chairman of the group and the executive managing director since 2010, Architect, member of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, the German Arab Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, The Club d'Affaires Franco Egyptien (C.A.F.E.), swimming pools consultant, member of the Rotary Club, Chairman of the Ain Sokhna Association of Investors in tourism & ecological development, Chairman of the Egypt Ukraine Business Council at the EBA . Representative of the Latvian Investment Agency in Egypt.

Mr. Hosny El Aguizy
Public Relations and Follow Up

Born in 1938, Public relations and Follow up, Former Ambassador and Chief of the Protocol, The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Hussein El Aguizy
Assistant to the Chairman

Born in 1983, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec), Assistant to the Chairman and Managing Director.

Saad El Aguizy group Management & Consultants

  • Mr. Ezzat Adel, former Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, Shipping & Marine Consultant
  • Mr. Roushdy Abou Seda, Abouseda & Associates, Tourism Consultants
  • Mrs. Amal El Tobgy (A.I.T.) Financial & Banking consultants, Egypt
  • Mr. Hugh Latif (Hugh Latif & Associates) Management and Marketing Consultants, Canada
  • Mr. Abdel Aziz El Aguizy, Petroleum consultant, Cairo Egypt
  • Mr. Nicholas Killen (Associate at Borel and Barbey Legal Consultants Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Mr. Mahmoud Fahmy, Legal Consultants, Egypt
  • Mr. Mostapha Abaza, Auditor, Egypt
  • Mr. Omar El Sayeh (Former Chairman of Barclays Bank in Egypt)
  • Mr. Ashraf Warida (Hotel Development, Real Estate Marketing and Hospitality Consultant)